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Ressource de la Montagne celebrates two 100th birthdays

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When Laurier-Dorion MNA Gerry Sklavounos received an invitation recently to attend a double 100th birthday party at the Ressource de la Montagne assisted-living residence on Parc Avenue, he assumed it would be a fairly subdued affair.
Where’s the party?
“When I walked in, I said to myself I think we have the wrong address,” Sklavounos told the more than 125 guests who attended the joyful and noisy gathering held on March 31 in the residence’s ground floor parlour for Afroditi Servou and Eleni Katsouli who turned 100 years old on March 5 and March 19 respectively.
“I said I was expecting a little party with a little cake and everybody sitting down all quiet,” said Sklavounos. “Instead I walked into a discotheque.”
As Sklavounos pointed out, the completion of a hundred years of life isn’t a milestone like any other. “It’s extraordinary,” he said. “And these women know that the number of years that one lives is not the most important.
Important things in life
“The most important is the love they have around them which is expressed by the members of their families who are here today, their friends and the people who take care of them. The true value of life is for it to be lived with people who we love and who love us. That’s the most important thing.”
Sklavounos brought gifts for the two centenarians. First, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard sent a signed letter to each in which he said: “Please allow me to congratulate you on such a venerable day. I can only imagine all the challenges, successes and joys you had in a long life filled with rich experiences and fond memories.
Premier sends greetings
“To those who have the pleasure of knowing you, you are an inspiration,” the Premier continued. “You are proof that life can take us great distances provided that we trust in it and love it and all that it brings from day to day. May this anniversary be a tribute to your past and to what you have achieved – but especially to the women you are today.”
While a message from Quebec’s Premier is important, Sklavounos said it wasn’t enough to mark an occasion as important as a double 100th birthday. As such, he previously decided to present each of the centenarians “with a special token of our appreciation” – the National Assembly Medal – which is awarded periodically by MNAs to selected and deserving constituents on a discretionary basis.

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