23 year old man shot in Park Extension Wednesday night

Montreal/Park-Extension – Last night a young man was shot in Park Extension near Durocher where gun casings were found.

Cops were called to start an investigation when hospital employees decided to phone the authorities last night. A young man—who remains nameless at the moment—was shot but not fatally so; he remains in stable condition.

It was on Durocher and apparently near St-Roche that the gun casings were found.

Police stated that investigations like this one were exceptionally hard, especially when the victims are not willing to cooperate, which seems to be the case here, but they’ll be meeting with the young man very soon. Spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Brabant said: “(if the victim) does not collaborate much in the investigation, which makes the work of collecting information much more difficult.”

A perimeter was set in place, and Police intend to speak to neighbors for any chance that someone saw something. The police dogs were also on scene and the surveillance cameras in the area will certainly be checked, if they haven’t been already.

These shootings have definitely been growing in number in recent weeks and months. Just last week in the Old Port, 31 shots were exchanged between police and apparent perpetrators in a gunfight fit for a Hollywood film. That incident left 5 people with serious wounds, all which included a police officer and the assailant/instigator himself, Adam Pichette.

Mayor Plante is very concerned and in a statement, she said: “This violence is unacceptable and we take it very seriously.”