A Molotov Cocktail thrown in the wee hours in Park Ex

Montréal—Thursday night, a Molotov Cocktail (a crude incendiary device typically consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and with a means of ignition. The production of similar grenades was organized by Vyacheslav Molotov during World War II, as per Oxford) was thrown at a local commerce in Park Extension.

The aforementioned crime took place in the wee hours—specifically 2:55AM. The commerce (Swadesh Market) is located on Ogilvy.

A container of gasoline was found on-site. Police still haven’t apprehended a suspect, but they did find some tracks, or rather rubber marks left by an accelerating vehicle near the crime scene. There are also no fatalities or injuries to report either, but damage was done to the façade, or rather the front door of the business, as has been reported after a statement by Julien Lévesque of the SPVM (Montréal Police).

The arson crimes department of the SPVM is now handling the case and more light will be shed on this crime and why it happened, or so is hoped.