Black History month in Park-extension

    Black History month in Park-extension

    Recognition ceremony for afrodescendent citizens in Villeray Saint-Michel Parc-Extension borough

    It was an initiative of Saint-Michel city councillor, Josué Corvil who brought together key players of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension black communities to be honored in an event at the borough headquarters on Monday February 13th 2023.

    City councillor for Parc-Extension Mary Deros was also present since members of her riding were also honored during the event. “It was a beautiful event where we showed off the many accomplishments of Park-Extension’s sizable black community the members of which shine in various areas such as arts, sciences, education etc”

    Every year Black History Month has been celebrated in the Villeray Saint-Michel Parc-Extension borough since 2019. In this way, the borough honors Afro-descendants who excel in the community and business worlds. The ceremony was to honor these citizens who represented all the neighborhoods. The elected officials addressed the audience and the musician Guy Frantz played a few pieces followed by the poet David MezyIn from Montreal. The animation was provided by an Afro-descendant duo: Councilor Martine Musau Muele and Councilor Josué Corvil

    The elected officials present were borough mayor Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, Mary Deros, City Councilor of Parc-extension,  Josué Corvil, Councilor of Ville de Saint-Michel and Martine Musau Muele, Villeray City Councilor.

    The 4 citizens from Park-Extension that were honored were: Elisabeth Khabar Dembil, David Mezy, Nelson Osse and Fritzner Pierre

    Black History Month Roundtable

    Under the theme From Darkness to Light, the Black History Month Roundtable (BHMRD) also launched its 32nd series of events. Its president, Michael Farkas when interviewed did not hide his bitterness at the lack of progress in certain struggles against racial profiling, prison overcrowding or the representation of blacks in decision-making posts.

    “The plight of the blacks has receded in Quebec under the CAQ,” he said. In terms of diversity, they do minimally what needs to be done but not in terms of discourse, recognizing the values ​​of black Quebecers.

    Mr. Farkas insisted that they must continue to raise awareness of the struggles of the black community still present today in many levels. “They took so many years to destroy us that it will take many more years to come back strong. But we are entitled for the moment to believe that it is the turn of the people of color, to rectify the historical facts” said Micheal Farkas, President of Black History Month.