Borough Council Meeting

An update on what happened

The city held its regularly scheduled monthly borough council meeting on Tuesday evening, where city officials and politicians met virtually to answer questions from citizens and vote on borough initiatives.
A number of these initiatives were adopted, including the traffic appeasement plan for Parc-Extension, renovations on the Howard park pavilion and an extension on the lease of many community organization spaces at the William-Hingston complex.
Present were Mayor Giuliana Fumagalli and city councillors Mary Deros, Sylvain Ouellet and Josué Corvil, along with city employees. City councillor for the district of Villeray Rosannie Filato was absent.
The meeting takes place the first Tuesday of each month and citizens can attend virtually by joining the live stream on the city’s website. Citizens can also send in their questions to be answered by the mayor and city councillors.

The Howard park pavilion was approved for renovation by the borough council at a total cost of $700,000. Photo: Matias Brunet-Kirk NEWSFIRST

Howard park renovation
The pavilion at Howard park will be getting a renovation after the council approved spending for a construction contract.
The pavilion for the park at the corner of Liège and De l’Épée will be renovated at a total cost of $700,000, with the contract awarded to Le Groupe St-Lambert.
All councillors were happy to see the project move forward.
Lucien-Pagé 30km/h on Jarry
“We have prioritized the safety around schools and several actions were taken,” said mayor Fumagalli of the newly approved change in the speed limit in front of Lucien-Pagé school.
“The speed limit will be lowered to 30km/h on Jarry street between De l’Esplanade avenue and Saint-Laurent Boulevard,” she said, adding that this would be in accordance with the city’s Vision Zero action plan to promote pedestrian safety.
Mary Deros also mentioned several issues with regard to dangerous vehicle traffic on Jarry street at the corner of De l’Épée, especially during rush hour.

Pedestrianization of de Castelnau
It was also announced that de Castelnau street would be blocked to traffic and pedestrianized over the summer. This comes after a $180,000 subsidy was granted and the artery was recognized by the city as an official pedestrian street.
“This action is part of our economic relaunch plan to favour the vitality of this commercial artery,” said mayor Fumagalli adding that last summer’s experience was very positive
“It’s going to be lively, colourful and pedestrian this summer,” she added.

William-Hingston lease extended
Community organizations currently set up at the William-Hingston Centre will be getting a lease extension to Jan. 1, 2023. The borough has yet to outline a plan as to where they will house these groups once the lease expires.
“Unfortunately due to the current state of the William-Hingston complex, the Centre de services scolaire de Montréal will have to undertake large-scale renovations and we will therefore have to relocate organizations,” said mayor Fumagalli.
Although city officials have said they would work hard to find another location for the organizations, Mary Deros is still worried as to where they will go. “We have a year to find adequate housing for them. To maintain the services towards our citizens,” she added.

Mayor wants to address the housing crisis
In her opening statement, mayor Giuliana Fumagalli thanked residents for their continued work in fighting the spread of COVID-19 by following health guidelines and getting vaccinated. She welcomed the arrival of spring and the extension of the curfew to 9:30 PM.
Fumagalli also underlined the issue that is concerning her the most, namely the housing crisis and the widespread increase of rent prices and evictions.
“I think Montreal could do better,” said Fumagalli on the matter, adding that she was proud of certain initiatives such as the banning of subdivisions in properties of more than 4 dwellings and limiting the permitted size of dwellings in the event of subdivisions.
“These are commitments that I carry and feel they will make a difference for many families, especially during a pandemic and housing crisis,” she stated.
Fumagalli also wanted to address renovictions by analyzing what the borough could do with regard to the issuance of renovation permits.

Eid Mubarak to all
In her opening statement, the city councillor for the district of Parc-Extension Mary Deros wished a happy Eid ul-Fitr to all Muslims in the community.
“Many citizens of our borough celebrated their traditions this month by praying, fasting and demonstrating generosity towards their neighbours,” said Deros, “happy Eid Mubarak to all.”
Deros also thanked the citizens who had participated in the Jarry park clean-up on May 1.
“I would like to thank all those that participated in the event,” she said, adding she was “very happy to see that many made this a family activity with their children to educate them on their responsibility to green spaces and keeping their parks clean.”
She was also happy to see that many residents organized clean-ups in their areas and alleyways, commending everyones’ “efforts to keep our borough clean.”
She nonetheless reminded people that inspectors would issue tickets to those who did not respect the rules.