Bye Bye Béton!

Bye Bye Béton!

Revolutionizing Urban Spaces of Parc-Extension into Verdant Community Havens

Ville Saint-Pierre (VSP) is leading a green revolution with its innovative ‘Bye Bye Béton!’ initiative, a participatory program that encourages residents to transform concrete areas into verdant community spaces. This initiative represents a significant opportunity for locals to actively shape their urban environment, turning grey, concrete patches into thriving green areas.

At the heart of ‘Bye Bye Béton!’ lies a mission that extends beyond mere beautification. The program aims to foster strong community engagement, address the critical issue of climate change by targeting urban heat islands, and enhance the biodiversity in urban settings. Participants in the program are involved in identifying concrete or asphalt-covered areas within their neighborhood and collaboratively working to replace these surfaces with green spaces. Each project is set to receive comprehensive support from the Urban Ecology Center, ensuring both guidance and resources for successful implementation.

Participation in ‘Bye Bye Béton!’ offers multifaceted benefits. It allows residents to play a hands-on role in combating climate change by cooling urban areas through greenery. Additionally, the creation of these green spaces is instrumental in improving environmental health by enhancing rainwater management and reducing associated risks like flooding and waterway pollution. Importantly, the program also serves as a platform for community building, enabling residents to come together and create welcoming communal spaces that benefit everyone.

The submission process for ‘Bye Bye Béton!’ includes a deadline of February 4, 2024, and considers various selection criteria such as the necessity for green spaces in the proposed location, equitable distribution across the borough’s districts, community support, and adherence to environmental regulations. Individuals or pairs acting as spokespersons for their projects are encouraged to submit their proposals.

Once a project is selected, the Urban Ecology Center will provide end-to-end assistance, from the planning stages to the official inauguration of the new green space.

‘Bye Bye Béton!’ is more than a project to remove concrete; it’s a transformative movement towards a sustainable, united, and vibrant community in Ville Saint-Pierre. This initiative offers a tangible way for residents to contribute to a greener and more harmonious future, encapsulating the essence of community-driven environmental change.