Cannabis in Park-Extension

    Cannabis in Park-Extension

    Spring brings an SQDC at 895 Beaumont Avenue

    Deros not happy

    Cannabis use has been legal for quite some time now and Park-Extension residents will be able to have their very own Government Cannabis shop in the neighborhood.

    The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will be opening a new store in the Park-Ex by the end of spring. The Crown corporation specifies that it has signed a lease in order to open a store which will be located at 895 Beaumont Avenue. As in all SQDC branches, the new point of sale will have between 12 and 15 employees. The SQDC currently has more than 90 stores all over Quebec. That number is expected to reach nearly 100 by March, according to the state-owned company’s website adds.

    In order to choose the location of its stores, the SQDC takes into account the Cannabis Regulation Act, which prohibits, for example, that a place of sale be located less than 250 meters from an educational establishment. Before choosing the location of a new branch, the SQDC must consult the Cannabis Regulation Act and take into account the proximity to an educational institution; work closely with elected municipal officials upon arrival in a municipality; do a survey of premises in order to find premises that comply with all the laws in force; look for premises that meet the needs of the SQDC; as well as proceed with the layout of the branch and recruitment.

    In an interview with Park-Extension news, City councillor Mary Deros expressed her disappointment. “I am not happy about such a store in the neighborhood especially given the problems we have in the area. The director of urban planning said however, that apart from the fact that there is nothing we can do, studies show that the presence of these Government sponsored stores have not created any problem in other neighborhoods.”