Borough awards contract for Centennial Park

Borough awards contract for Centennial Park
In this photo of the Centennial Park site, taken in 2014, work had only begun on preparing the site for the new St. Sophie’s Church, which needed to be built before work could begin on the park.

(PXN) Almost a decade after the idea of new park at the corner of Stuart and St. Roch was first announced as part of Park Extension’s centennial celebrations, the Borough of Villeray/St-Michel/Parc Extension has finally given the go-ahead for the work for the project to be carried out.

St. Sophie’s Church site

The entire property had once been the site of St. Sophie’s Church. After the original church was decimated in a fire, it languished in neglect for years, following which the borough ordered it to be demolished and the bill was sent to the church.

Eventually the church officials agreed to sell a large portion of the land to the borough for a park, while retaining a corner for the construction of a new church building which is now almost done. However, work on the park couldn’t start until the church construction had been completed.

Contract awarded

At last week’s borough council meeting, it was announced that a contract is being given out for the construction of Centennial Parkover the coming summer. As some might remember, last year’s plans were postponed because a suitable contractor was not found.

The work is to begin this spring and should be finished by the end of September. An exception to this deadline is a work of public art that will be chosen in competition and installed later.

According to VSP council documents, the work on the park, to be known as Place du Centenaire-de-Parc-Extension, is to be carried out at a cost of $828,703.01 plus additional contingency funds.

Church work nearly done

In the meantime, workers have been present lately at St. Sophie’s Church, the building beside the park on the corner of Wiseman Ave., to finish the interior of the church.

“The plans have been made and the earth is defrosting,” Park Extension city councillor said in an interview. She expects the work to begin sometime in late April or mid-May depending on the weather. “They will start digging and preparing for construction of the park.”

September completion

She suggested that the park should be finished by September. Regarding the work of art that is not part of the current contract, Deros said, “The centre city will put out a public tender and they will later go ahead and give out a contract. The statue of work of art that will be created will take about a year. By next year we should be able to integrate it into the park.”

Regarding the work at St. Sophie’s, which had held up the work for the park for a number of years, Deros added, “On the outside of the building they’re finished. They’re finishing the inside of the building now with gyproc. The electricity’s in, also the water. Everything is connected.”