Empowering the Community: Montreal’s Participatory Budget 2024

Empowering the Community: Montreal’s Participatory Budget 2024

From now until October 29th, the citizens of Montreal and Park-Extension are invited to cast their votes, shaping the future of their city through the second edition of the Participatory Budget.

This unique initiative, empowers Montrealers to directly influence the allocation of a portion of the municipal budget. The focus this year revolves around youth, equity, and security – themes that resonated from the 666 ideas submitted by the public in the fall of 2022.

A diverse array of projects is now on the table, each addressing the identified themes. From initiatives promoting youth development to projects fostering equity and enhancing security measures, the options are as varied as the vibrant tapestry of Montreal itself.

What makes this process even more exciting is that the projects receiving the most votes will be declared the winners. All of this, of course, will be done within the framework of a dedicated budget totaling 30 million dollars. Notably, a minimum of 5 million dollars is earmarked explicitly for projects benefitting the city’s young population – a clear testament to the commitment to investing in the future.

For those eager to make their mark on the city, the opportunity is now. Voters can select up to 8 projects from the 31 thoughtfully proposed options, each carrying the potential to shape the cityscape in unique ways.

The anticipation will build until mid-November when the winning projects will be unveiled. The revelation promises not just a list of accomplishments but a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared vision of the Montreal community.

Who holds the power to vote? It’s a privilege extended to anyone aged 12 and above residing in Montreal, as well as all the dedicated merchants within the city’s vibrant territory. This inclusivity ensures that the entire spectrum of Montreal’s population has a say in the future of their city.