IDRF launches Emergency Aid Campaign to help victims of Beirut explosion

    Toronto—The terrible explosion that rocked the port of Beirut this past August 4th left many injured and many dead. The toll is rising in that regard, as many people still remain among the missing.

    But the International Development & Relief Foundation is doing everything in their power to lend a hand, and as was announced, they are launching an Emergency aid campaign to help those that were affected by the disaster.

    Nazar Najarian, a former Montréal resident and local businessmen, was one of the few found dead after the explosion.

    US President, Donald Trump states that the disaster was an attack and not an accident. “I’ve met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that this was not some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event. It was a bomb of some kind,” he says.  This of course remains to be seen, as it has been reported that the Pentagon is still digging into what happened.

    Whatever the reasons behind this event, the International Development & Relief Foundation is concerned about one thing and one thing only at the moment … and that’s sending help of any kind.

    According to the IDRF, “The funds will be used to purchase and deliver food and medical aid in Beirut, and to increase support for an existing IDRF food program in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon where many people are relocating due to a housing shortage in Beirut.”

    Mariam Hamaoui, an IDRF employee who has relatives in the area stated: “The devastation caused in Beirut by the explosion and its impact on so many people is heartbreaking. My 17-year old cousin Omar was riding his bicycle in the downtown area of Beirut when the explosion occurred at the nearby port. The explosion threw him off his bike and injured his foot. He was so frightened that he got up and started running until his parents, who were out searching for him, found him an hour later. We were worried sick about Omar.”

    The IDRF is further working with local charities in Lebanon. Donations can be sent to this link at the IDRF website: