Kick-off of Cité Elles MTL, the flagship event for women interested in municipal politics

Kick-off of Cité Elles MTL, the flagship event for women interested in municipal politics.

Of special interest for the women in our borough of Park-Extension and in the presence of many participants and elected municipal officials Cité Elles MTL, initiated an event intended for women interested in municipal politics.

Through various training activities and a simulation of the municipal council for women, Cité Elles MTL allows citizens to learn about municipal politics or to deepen their knowledge in this area. Thus, between February 20 and March 11, three days of training take place at Montreal City Hall and a fourth day takes place virtually. Participants rub shoulders with elected officials and take part in city council simulations.

Participants thus have the opportunity to develop their interests and skills in municipal politics, to network, to take part in workshops and practical exercises alongside elected officials or experts from the municipal scene. They will also participate in the simulation of a municipal council meeting and will speak, in particular as city councillor, leader, party leader or leader of the Opposition.

“I am thrilled to see the return of Cité Elles, a wonderful initiative that aims to give Montreal women the opportunity to participate in a simulation of an all-female city council. The participation of women in politics is crucial; they bring a unique and important perspective to decision-making, which is essential to building stronger, fairer and more inclusive communities. I am convinced that this training will allow Montreal women to discover the opportunities for commitment available to them, and to increase the skills necessary for them to contribute more to the development of our beautiful metropolis,” said Martine Musau Muele, President of the City Council.

“The voice of women is essential to ensuring diversity in politics. Municipal politics is also a direct means of generating a concrete and real impact on the lives of Montrealers. This is why our city can only be enriched by the multiple voices of participants who study, work or live in Montreal. The profiles are also very varied in order to be representative of the diversity of Montreal women, particularly in terms of professional experience, age group or level of education. I take this opportunity to encourage participants to get involved or even make the leap into municipal politics to strengthen our democracy and civic participation,” added Josefina Blanco, Head of Diversity, Social Inclusion, homelessness, universal accessibility, status of women, youth and seniors on the executive committee.