More photo radars for Montreal

More photo radars for Montreal

Residents in Park-Extension and other areas of Montreal might be soon saying an uncomfortable “cheese” if they speed as Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault is not closed to the idea of ​​installing new photo radars in Montreal, as requested by the Plante administration. For Park-Extension it would signify an additional safety measure after the traffic calming measures taken last year.

“Photo radars, yes that’s one of the things I look at. I think it can be an effective way, ”said the minister during a press scrum on Monday December 6th.

Currently, the island of Montreal has 12 photo radars on its territory, according to data from the Ministry of Transport (MTQ) published last November. The Plante administration would like to deploy more photo radars on its territory to improve road safety. She has submitted a project to the MTQ, but is still waiting for approval from Quebec to go ahead.

Sophie Mauzerolle, head of mobility and transport on the city’s executive committee, welcomed this openness from the minister. However, she recalled that Montreal is lagging in the installation of speed cameras compared to other cities like Toronto.

“I think there is a catch-up to be done first around the schools. We want citizens to be able to move around safely, ”she said. “We see that there are a lot of vehicles on our roads. The vehicles are big, they drive fast, we see how the radar photos work. We dare to hope that there is a boost that will be given,” added Ms. Mauzerolle.