Murder in Park-Extension

Murder in Park-Extension

A woman found dead in Parc-Extension             

The young woman suspected of having stabbed her mother to death in the Parc-Extension apartment they shared was sent to the National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel so that her criminal responsibility could be assessed.

Amel Benali, 26, is currently facing a single charge of aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing her neighbour yesterday afternoon in an apartment building on rue de Liège Ouest, in Montreal.

She was arrested by the police around 1:30 p.m., after a witness saw the altercation between her and a man who lives in the same building. In a context that remains nebulous, Benali would have struck at least one stab in the collarbone of his neighbour. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Shortly after, the police discovered the body of Luiza Ouali, the accused’s mother, inside the apartment where they both lived. The 54-year-old victim was reportedly stabbed to death hours or even days earlier. The authorities confirmed on Monday, February 20th evening that it was the second homicide of the year in the metropolis.

Amel Benali is not currently charged with the murder of her mother, but she remains the main suspect. At the request of the defense, during her appearance this morning at the Montreal courthouse, an assessment of her criminal responsibility was requested. According to the media, she would have a psychiatric history and would be suffering from schizophrenia.

The young woman will therefore spend the next 30 days at the National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel in order to be met by professionals. She will thus be back before the judge on March 22, for the rest of the procedures.