Rats under control

    Rats under contoll

    The city finally takes action

    After receiving numerous complaints and news reports about the rodent infestation in Park-Ex, the city has finally taken action to address the issue. Mary Deros, the city councilor for Park Extension, played a significant role in pushing for these measures. An inspector was dispatched to the problematic block along with the exterminator contracted by the city.

    The inspector and exterminator were granted access to the yards of four buildings in the area. It is worth noting that there were no alleys serving these properties. To combat the infestation, the exterminator strategically placed poison in the backyards of 8415 and 8425 Birnam Street, as well as 8400 and 8420 Stuart Street. A total of eight poison boxes were installed to target the rodents effectively. In addition to this action, the city also identified cases of trash violations and plans to send infraction notices to the owners responsible.

    In an effort to prevent future infestations, the city will be addressing the issue. Starting this week, letters will be sent to all property owners in the block, urging them to take action and clean their backyards. The city will provide support and guidance throughout this process. Mary Deros, the city councillor, expressed her hope that the city will be more proactive in the future, avoiding situations where citizens and herself have to gather evidence such as photographs to prove the existence of a problem.

    Mary Deros also advised residents to remain vigilant with their waste disposal practices and to adhere to recycling and composting schedules. Leaving food out for birds and cats can attract disease, rodents, and insects, creating an unsafe environment for everyone, especially children who frequently play outside.

    With these actions and recommendations in place, she aims to address the rodent infestation issue in Park-Ex and promote a cleaner and safer neighborhood for all residents.