The director of the Montreal PD increases the hiring salary of all his new police officers

Ici Radio Canada/ The 72 aspiring police officers who form the first cohort to be exclusive to the SPVM are recognized by their black shirts and powder blue epaulets, a uniform distinct from the other future police officers in training.

The director of the SPVM, Fady Dagher, took a first step to show that he cares about the working conditions of his young police officers which keep our borough of Park-Extension safe. These young officers were underpaid compared to the average salaries currently offered in police organizations in Quebec.

Since February 20, all new recruits to the Montreal police have immediate access to the permanence of a level 7 constable to receive an annual base salary of $46,100. Previously, all recruits were automatically hired with auxiliary status at a base annual salary of $36,900 for a maximum period of 24 months.The other recruits hired before this date therefore obtained their tenure immediately, without however receiving any retroactive compensatory amount.

By adding the metropolitan area (7.5%) and SPVM service level 5 (5%) bonuses already provided for in the collective agreement being renegotiated, the real salary of a young police officer is now estimated at approximately $52,046.

“There, we can be competitive. This decision is due to a labor shortage and the many vacant positions that cannot be filled. We have therefore found a solution with the City and human resources to prevent our young police officers from starting with a salary of $36,900 per year”, commented Fady Dagher, the Montreal police chief.

The director of the SPVM, Fady Dagher, had promised his future recruits on February 18 that he would take care of their working conditions so that they come to Montreal, but above all that they stay there for their entire career. For example, a police officer freshly graduated from the École nationale de police du Québec could earn an annual salary of $48,636 if he opted for the Sûreté du Québec upon hiring.