VSP Volunteer Recognition Award Winners: Two Honorees from Parc-Extension

Parc-Extension District Volunteer of the Year Luigi Santelli. Photo by Louis-Étienne Doré

The Borough of VSP anounced the five winners of this year’s Volunteer Recognition Awards. To celebrate their exceptional contributions, each awardee received a unique artwork created by renowned glass-blowing artist Bruno Andrus.

Since 2013, elected officials have chosen four winners—one from each electoral district—for the Volunteer of the Year category, along with one winner for the Volunteer of the Year – Young People (ages 13-17) category. This year, both the Volunteer of the Year and the Young Volunteer of the Year hail from Parc-Extension.

Parc-Extension District: Volunteer of the Year

Luigi Santelli

Mr. Luigi Santelli has been a dedicated volunteer with the Regional Council of Italian-Canadian Seniors for an impressive 19 years. He organizes various community activities for seniors and provides lessons on using digital tablets, extending his efforts to the entire network of 53 Golden Age Clubs across Greater Montreal. Additionally, he actively participates in the Meals on Wheels program, delivering meals to those in need. Mr. Santelli’s calm and reassuring nature, coupled with his positive and results-oriented attitude, serves as a profound inspiration to the community.

Next Generation 13-17 Years Old: Volunteer of the Year

Alexandra Calce

Alexandra Calce has been volunteering as an assistant facilitator at the Parc-Extension Youth Organization Day camp since she was just 12 years old. Her dedication and seriousness in her role have earned her a position as a host this year. Alexandra has also been a hockey coach for three years, serving as a role model for young players. In addition to her involvement with Parc-Extension, she is actively engaged in her school community. Alexandra is a dynamic and reliable young woman who consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership skills.

The unwavering dedication and commitment of these volunteers have a significant impact on our community. Their contributions foster a supportive and engaged environment, making their recognition truly well-deserved. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding service and dedication.