Lysol® and Kinsa’s FLUency™ joining forces to aid in the reopening of schools

San Francisco – For years Kinsa™  has been dedicated to stopping the spread of any contagious illness, and now they have decided to work in tandem with Lysol® to nip Covid-19 in the bud so to speak, with their partnership announced today in San Francisco.

For Canadians, this means help and support as well, as they stated that the new program initiative would come into effect and a total of 250 schools across the nation would be equipped with kits provided by Kinsa™ and Lysol® in order to keep schools safe and to diminish the influence and spread of Covid-19.

It’s known as the FLUency™ School Health Program and it leads to early detection and thus an earlier response to potential cases.

The Kinsa™ kit includes: Kinsa™ app, real-time email alerts, and award-winning Kinsa™ smart thermometers; Lysol® providing an array of disinfectants and cleaning products to those schools participating, as well as funding for the distribution of 25,000 Kinsa™ Smart Thermometers—all in all a tour de force in protecting children and staff.

Kinsa™ founder and CEO Inder Singh  stated: “As countries reopen amidst the corona virus pandemic, the safety of schools is critical. We’re proud to partner with Lysol on a joint mission to keep Canadian schools healthy and protected against COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses. With fever often the first sign of a contagious illness, this early detection and response system enables school administrators to know where and when illness is spiking and take immediate actions to stop the spread, such as disinfecting or social distancing measures. Early action is key to keeping our schools safe, and minimizing transmission to the broader community. Implementing this program in schools lays the foundation of an early warning system for the entire country. This partnership will help not only 250 schools and thousands of families, but also the entire country be at the forefront of curbing COVID-19 spread.”