Appointment Now Required For CIUSSS West-Central Montréal Test Centers

    CIUSSS West-Central Montréal is changing its standards of operation starting August 10th. As it turns out, people must now phone in to a CLSC or use in order to make an appointment for any type of blood test or specimen collection of any other sort. Essentially, citizens can’t just walk in, as they were used to doing in the past, as times have obviously changed.

    Interestingly enough, tests for Covid-19 will still remain on a walk-in basis, which is very good news for those wanting to get tested for the virus. The above mentioned change however, was in fact implemented because of Covid-19 and the appointment-taking process will definitely keep people safer during these uncertain times. Apparently, this will allow staff to prepare for fewer visitors in waiting rooms, thus allowing for proper and necessary distancing.

    So, if you need to make an appointment, just go to and select “Blood test and Specimens.” Of course, phoning in to a CLSC is also an option.