New Parking Restrictions Schedule in VSP Starting April 1

New Parking Restrictions Schedule in VSP Starting April 1

In a move aimed at enhancing the cleanliness operations and infrastructure maintenance activities within the Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension (VSP) territory, local authorities have announced a significant update to parking restriction schedules. Effective April 1, residents and visitors are advised to pay close attention to the updated parking rules on their streets to avoid penalties.

Historically, the community has been well-acquainted with the existing parking schedules, often knowing them by heart. However, this year brings a crucial shift as over 5,000 signage across VSP will reflect the newly revised schedules. This change is designed to grant municipal teams increased flexibility and efficiency in performing various tasks such as tree inspection, non-urgent repairs, and street sweeping operations.

What’s Changing?

Day: The day of the week when restrictions apply may have been altered.

Hours: New time slots for parking restrictions have been established.

Extended Duration: Restrictions will be extended by an hour, shifting from a one-hour prohibition to two. This adjustment provides maintenance teams with adequate time to complete their tasks effectively.

Why the Adjustment?

The alteration in parking restriction timings partly stems from a recent overhaul in the routes of street sweepers. The necessity for this overhaul was driven by changes in the district’s layout, including alterations in traffic flow, the introduction of traffic-calming measures, and street reconfigurations. These developments rendered the previous sweeper routes obsolete, necessitating a comprehensive review to align them with the territory’s current needs.

This strategic update is not only aimed at keeping the streets cleaner but also at ensuring the district’s infrastructure remains in optimal condition. The modified schedules will be in effect from April 1 through December 1 annually, marking a significant period during which the VSP will witness enhanced maintenance and cleaning efforts.

Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new parking schedules to ensure compliance and to support the district’s initiative towards maintaining a cleaner and more efficient environment.