A new mural in Parc-Extension

A new mural in Parc-Extension

A colorful mural, located very close to the park Athéna in Parc-Extension, was inaugurated by MU, the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, the Fondation pour la langue française and the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal.

The work was created by artists Beige Fluo (Cyndie Belhumeur) and MC Marquis. Located at 7220, avenue Bloomfield, the mural reflects the learning of the French language and the different stages that punctuate it. As with any language, the process can sometimes be arduous, but the outcome is all the more rewarding and meaningful. A new addition to Parc-Extension, this mural helps to beautify the living environment of residents, while allowing them to appreciate, on a daily basis, this form of art accessible to all.

This first work is part of a project of three murals, which will highlight the learning of the French language by people who have recently arrived in Quebec. To illustrate this, playful typographic designs have been amalgamated in an exploded and colorful composition, thought out in three stages, each corresponding to a mural. By arranging different words, syllables, sounds, scripts, textures and colors in a composition that is intended to be chaotic, the artists wanted to represent the disorder or confusion felt during the first moments of learning a new language.

With her playful approach, Marie-Claude (MC Marquis) is fond of typography, the design of hard-hitting phrases, patterns, embroidery, printing and textiles which she expresses with her feminine touch and colorful sensibility. She greatly highlights the contrast between her irreverent texts and her soft and fragile supports. The result of this work is sometimes humorous, sometimes raw, but always keeps a great concern for aesthetics. 

Beige fluo is a multidisciplinary project initiated by Cyndie Belhumeur, which is driven by the idea of ​​a celebration of shapes, patterns and color. Embracing the spirit of overload and organized chaos, the works bring together geometric and organic forms while mixing layering effects with vibrant colors. Influenced by technology and nature, each project develops in a unique way so as to integrate the works into their environment.