A summit to improve construction site management

A summit to improve construction site management

How can we reduce the impacts of construction sites on economic activities and on the daily life of the population? The new City of Montreal press release asks the question answering it with the announcement of a Summit on construction sites which aims to mobilize all the stakeholders involved in carrying out infrastructure work to find possible solutions. This is of particular interest to Park-Extension since the borough is already quite difficult to navigate with it’s tight spaces without yearly construction frustrating drivers further.

In Montreal, only 30% of the work on the streets is carried out by the City and its boroughs. While 70% are made by other organizations and private companies.

Last March, about a hundred people, including representatives of the City, civil society (eg association of pedestrians, truckers, cyclists, merchants, etc.), experts in the field, real estate developers, owners and contractors met to talk about site management.

The objective: to agree to find concerted and innovative actions to improve mobility and access to businesses and institutions.

Possible solutions put forward during the summit

A follow-up committee will be formed to ensure the implementation of a series of possible solutions discussed during the summit.

From 2023

The City will ensure increased monitoring so that:

The signaling elements are installed and removed 24 hours before and after the start and end of the work.

The site dressing is cleaned and repaired throughout the site.

The Mobility Squad’s resources and monitoring slots will be improved.

Medium term

The city of Montreal plans to broaden access to the AGIR geolocated IT platform to all partners in order to have more complete programming. It also plans to Implement new requirements for occupancy permits on major mobility routes and adopt mechanisms to intervene on inactive worksites, for example by forcing their demobilization.

Part of the measures the city is also considering include the reviewing of the question of the invoicing of permits and fines, empower the Mobility Squad, and continuously revising communication tools in collaboration with partners.