An extension on restrictions and a new kind of Halloween celebration

As Premiere Legault and his administration extend restrictions further as Covid-19 cases are still on the rise, and Halloween still expected to be celebrated … only a tad differently than ever before.

It was surely to be expected, as cases rose from day to day, week to week, the government updates showed. For a period there they rested at 1 000 or so cases a day, or rather new cases and for the last few consecutive days, they seem to be resting in the 800s … considerably lower, yes, but nowhere near a comfort zone where restrictions can be lifted—a luxury that other regions in North America and the world are enjoying.

Halloween this year will be very different, but perhaps it could be the start of a new trend as the world moves forward after Covid-19 (Image via Shutterstock, edited by D. Marinelli)

Some recent numbers as this article goes to press

As per CNW Telbec: “The most recent data on the evolution of COVID-19 in Québec show 879 new cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 100,114. They also report 11 new deaths, for a total of 6,143 deaths. Among these 11 deaths, 5 have occurred in the last 24 hours, 5 have occurred between October 18 and October 23, and 1 has occurred at an unknown date. The number of hospitalizations increased by 2 compared to the previous day, for a cumulative total of 551. Among these, the number of people in intensive care increased by 4, for a total of 97. The samples conducted on October 23 amount to 25,378 for a total of 2,966,329.”

We’ve been posting from this source, especially at the height of the recent red alert, the daily data giving us all a better understanding of what those in Montréal and Quebec are certainly facing.

An extension of 4 more weeks announced

And it was at a press conference that Premiere Legault announced an extension of 4 more weeks to the restrictions, the new date announced was November 23rd … the city and other affected regions still considered to be in a state of red alert. The Premiere said that they would re-asses after 2 weeks to see if cases had lowered considerably, but he stated that the priority was school and work for the time-being.

Why so many cases in Montréal?

Many people aren’t following the rules, and primarily in this city. Many feel that it’s the flippant behavior of many that are not taking the virus seriously that is leading to this extensive number in cases, but really when it comes to this virus anything is possible and exact reasons are hard to pinpoint specifically at this time or at any other time during the duration of this pandemic.

According to a CBC news report, tests in park Extension are coming back positive 15 percent of the time, which is high indeed and worthy of worry. It is felt that the high concentration of people in the borough is what may be the reason for such a spike in cases in the area.

Christine Touchette, a service director with the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal said of this: “That’s creating a situation where, you know, if there’s a virus, it can spread more easily than in an area where people have more space in between each other.”

Facing a new way to celebrate the holiday

Months ago we were wondering if Halloween would be celebrated at all, but in an endearing turn of events, the Legault administration seems to think that the happiness of children all over the province is important enough to keep the holiday moving forward. “There will be prerequisites, there will be guidelines to follow… but it’s very important for them to celebrate Halloween,” the Premiere stated. So no, Halloween isn’t canceled, but it will be done a tad differently than it ever was before …

Little ghosts, goblins, vampires and zombies will still be scouring the neighborhood for both tricks and treats this year, but a distance of two meters is still to be respected. How can this happen? Well, Premiere Legault suggested that households wanting to give out candy should put out candy baskets where trick-or-treaters can in turn help themselves to goodies while going door to door.

Many have questioned the new directives but many concur with the Premiere that in the en the children probably need this night more than any other year, as mental health is surely a concern.

So if you plan on giving out candy, prepare a basket dear reader and perhaps watch from the window as the little ghosts and goblins canvass the hood this year for candy and a little much-needed escape from the harsh realities of this pandemic—a horror all its own.