Autumns’ end in Park-Extension

Find out about the terms and conditions for collecting green waste and dead leaves

As fall finishes, it is a common sight in the streets of Park-Extension to see big bags filled with leaves. Residents should be aware, about pick-up times and periods, materials accepted, materials refused and types of bins authorized. See how to deposit your plant residues according to the standards.

Green waste is organic waste: grass clippings, dead leaves, spring cleaning and gardening residues, etc. That means that their collection takes place only part of the year, generally in spring and autumn. Dates vary by district. To find out about Park-Extension residents must consult Info-Collections.

This collection makes it possible to produce compost, offered free of charge to citizens once or twice a year depending on the borough, in spring or fall.

However if some residents must dispose of their green waste outside of collection periods, they have 4 options:

They can add add their green waste to their garden compost if they make one;

They can also keep their green waste on thei property until the next collection period;

They can take their green waste (including branches over 5 cm in diameter) to the ecocentre closest to them;

Or, as a last resort, they can put their green waste in their household waste. In this case, they will be treated as waste and will not be composted.

Materials accepted and refused

These are the materials that will be accepted by the city for composting: coniferous branches (including cedar/thuja hedges) and deciduous trees, 5cm (2in) maximum diameter, tied with fiber rope in bundles 1m (3.3ft) long, 50cm (20in) in diameter and 25kg maximum, chips, dead leaves, grass, clippings stubble residues, vegetable garden residues, fruit tree residues, horticultural residues, twigs and stems

The refused materials are shrubs sawdust and sawdust branches over 1m long and over 5cm in diameter animal litter, residues, stumps, trunks, soil and stones. The containers accepted are cardboard boxes rigid reusable containers: garbage cans (do not use the bins provided by the city), compostable paper bags and clear plastic bags