‘Cabane à sucre’ comes to Athena Park

‘Cabane à sucre’ comes to Athena Park
From the left, Alliance familles-école’s Premila Ramessur, First Nations culture teachers Archie and Pierrette Martin and Councillor Mary Deros are seen here during the fourth annual outdoor sugaring off party in Athena Park last Saturday.
Martin C. Barry

Compared to past years, the annual “sugaring off” party staged in Park Extension’s Athena Park last Saturday was a fair bit on the wet side. It was the weekend, after all, when eastern Canada suffered some of the worst spring flooding ever.

‘Cabane à sucre’ comes to Athena Park
The Park Extension Historical Society’s president Mary McCutcheon helps prepare a traditional Québécois dessert treat during the sugaring off event in Athena Park.

Fourth year

All the same, all those who attended got a chance to taste the unique delicacy which is maple syrup just as the season for gathering maple sap was ending.

This was the fourth year the Alliance familles-école organized the sugaring-off event in conjunction with the Centre des Loisirs du Parc. Park Extension city councillor Mary Deros dropped by for a while to take in the ambience and savour the sugary treats.

‘Cabane à sucre’ comes to Athena Park

Staying warm

While the rain did fall and the temperature was a little on the low side, people managed to stay warm by taking part in some of the lively activities, which included traditional Québécois folk dancing.

Without a doubt, it was much appreciated by all those who attended who will probably also be looking forward to the 2020 maple sugar party next spring in Athena Park.