Celebrating Community Heroes: The 12th VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards

Celebrating Community Heroes: The 12th VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards

Honoring the Heartbeat of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension

The borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension is set to celebrate the invaluable contributions of its volunteers with the prestigious 12th VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards. This highly anticipated event, culminating in a grand Volunteer Party in April 2024, will showcase the dedication and spirit of the community’s unsung heroes.

Categories of Excellence

This year’s awards will honor volunteers across five distinct categories, reflecting the diverse ways in which individuals contribute to the community:

District of Villeray, District of Parc-Extension, District of Saint-Michel, District of François-Perrault,, Emerging Talent (Ages 13-17)

Eligibility and Nomination

To be considered for these prestigious awards, nominees must meet specific criteria:

They must have executed a noteworthy volunteer activity within a non-profit organization in Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension. Their nomination should come from a member of an NPO partnered with the Borough. The nomination process is streamlined and digital, with submissions due by January 31, 2024. Each organization is limited to one nomination per category, ensuring a diverse and competitive selection.

A Legacy of Recognition

Since its inception in November 2012, the VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards have become a cornerstone event in the borough. It’s not just an award ceremony; it’s a testament to the power of community spirit. The awards are a beacon of appreciation, acknowledging the extraordinary efforts of volunteers in each district. A specialized committee carefully reviews each nomination, tasked with the challenging yet rewarding job of selecting one outstanding individual per category.

The Impact of Volunteering

These awards do more than just honor individuals; they highlight the essence of community service and the impact one person can make. The nominees and winners of the VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards embody the spirit of altruism and community engagement that is vital to the vibrancy and health of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension.

As the borough prepares to celebrate its dedicated volunteers, the excitement and anticipation build. The VSP Volunteer Recognition Awards are not just an event; they are a tribute to the spirit of community and the individuals who tirelessly work to make a difference.