City Councillor Mary Deros champions green alley project in Park Extension

    green alley project

    Despite the strife and bikelane wars in Park-Ex, there are also beautiful moments of community life that tend to get overlooked by the media

    In a heartwarming display of dedication to environmental sustainability and community well-being, City Councillor for Park Extension, Mary Deros, recently shared her enthusiasm for the ongoing green alleys program in the city. This program, which she has been a staunch supporter of from its inception, aims to transform urban spaces into environmentally friendly and community-centric areas.

    Mary Deros proudly highlighted her collaboration over 10 years with the then mayor Anie Samson, a partnership that has been instrumental in driving the green alleys program forward.

    The occasion for Mary Deros’s remarks was a joyous celebration held in Park Extension. This event marked the official inauguration of a brand-new green alley located between St. Domenique and Casgrain, stretching across the neighborhoods of Liege and Cremazie. This green alley represents the successful realization of a vision that not only prioritizes eco-friendliness but also nurtures a sense of community among local residents.

    What sets this project apart is its inclusive nature. As part of the inauguration ceremony, Mary Deros announced the launch of a contest designed to solicit ideas for the alley’s name. This approach underscores the desire to actively involve the community in decision-making processes, empowering residents to have a say in shaping their local environment. It’s a powerful symbol of democracy in action, where the collective voice of the neighborhood helps determine the identity of their shared space.

    The green alleys initiative in Park Extension is not a recent development. It has been gaining momentum for over a decade, with considerable resources allocated—ranging from 160,000 to 200,000 dollars—to fund greening efforts. This substantial investment has united citizens in a common goal: to beautify the lane, creating a vibrant, communal, and eco-conscious space where children can play, and neighbors can come together in a shared endeavor to enhance and green their neighborhood.

    Mrs. Deros not only supports these initiatives but also actively guides and informs residents on how to get involved.