Commercial arteries in Parc-Extension and VSP

    Commercial arteries in Parc-Extension and VSP

    Local businesses are very close to you. Right in your neighborhood, you can get your hands on great finds, order a take-out dinner or treat yourself to a makeover.

    VSP has a large number of diversified and welcoming businesses a few steps from your home. Some commercial arteries bring together many local businesses and offer a pleasant and accessible shopping experience in the very heart of your neighborhood.

    Rue Jean-Talon Ouest

    Rue Jean-Talon Ouest is the main commercial artery of the Parc-Extension district, where 70% of its population was born outside of Canada. The majority of people who frequent this commercial street are the residents of the district who mainly identify with the South Asian and Mediterranean communities. Artery of flavors, you will find authentic Greek and Indian restaurants there, as well as the ingredient you needed for your exotic recipe, in one of the small specialized grocery stores. Location: rue Jean-Talon Ouest, between boulevard de l’Acadie and rue Hutchison

    Rue Jean-Talon Est

    Rue Jean-Talon Est is a dynamic commercial artery that crosses the Villeray and Saint-Michel districts over more than four kilometres. The street, which crosses major arteries such as Saint-Denis, Papineau, De Lorimier and Saint-Michel, offers a very interesting commercial diversity. One end of the street faces the Jean-Talon market and Little Italy, while the other is known for its concentration of businesses run by Montreal’s North African community.

    The Petit Maghreb offers a range of products, if not an atmosphere, typical of the mother region with its Halal butchers and tea rooms.

    A dynamic artery in the Villeray district, Jarry Est is mainly made up of local shops offering residents of the area a very interesting diversity. Grocery stores, fruit stores, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, cafes and bars contribute to the economic vitality of the area, whose traffic is strongly supported by the presence of the Jarry metro entrance, located between Berri and Lajeunesse streets and by the presence Jarry Park. Location: rue Jarry, between boulevard Saint-Laurent and avenue Christophe-Colomb.

    Boulevard Saint-Michel

    Boulevard Saint-Michel, the main commercial artery of the district of the same name, has around a hundred commercial establishments spread over two main sections, one between rue Champdoré and avenue Émile-Journault and the another between D’Hérelle and Everett streets. The commercial fabric is continuous and the street, mainly accessible by car, has a large number of parking spaces. With its many pharmacies, banks and small markets, it is the ideal place to do your everyday shopping.

    Location: boulevard Saint-Michel, between rue Champdoré and avenue Émile-Journault and between rue D’Hérelle and rue Everett.

    The urbanization of the Villeray district dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when a population of Workers move into newly built duplexes and triplexes. It was between the 1910s and 1930s that businesses sprang up in large numbers, especially along rue Saint-Hubert, located in the heart of the district. Among more than 200 businesses, there is a high concentration of textile-related businesses that have been established for decades, alongside new-style restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

    Location: North extension of Plaza Saint-Hubert, between Jean-Talon and Jarry streets.