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City to give out 1.5 million masks as businesses, daycares get ready to reopen

Avleen K Mokha

Montreal mayor Valerie Plante reopening businesses, daycares, distributing masks to public in City of Montreal
Montreal mayor Valerie Plante speaking at a press briefing on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic emergency on May 21. Photo: Screenshots / CBC

Yesterday, Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal, addressed residents of her city. She explained what the city is doing to slowly reopen activities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Businesses to open soon

Retail businesses with direct entrance will reopen May 25 in Greater Montreal. Shops without direct entrances, like stores in shopping malls, will stay closed.

Day cares to open in two weeks

Daycare centers will open June 1 in Greater Montreal.

Daycares will take half of its usual number of children, to maintain physical distancing. Therefore some parents may not find spots in daycare centers for their children.

Masks ordered for public use

The Quebec government has given $6 million to Montreal to order masks.

Plante says the City has ordered 1.5 million masks. The goal is to give them to Montrealers in places where a 2 meter distance can’t be maintained. These are procedural masks that can be worn once. After use, masks should be thrown in the garbage.

However, community organizations are the main way masks will reach the public. Boroughs will receive 500,000 masks. Another 500,000 masks will go to community organizations directly. Last, another 500,000 will go to the homeless.

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