Daylight savings time ended: Have you checked your smoke alarms?

Daylight savings time ended: Have you checked your smoke alarms?

Park-exers reminded to check their batteries

The time change took place on the night of November 5 to 6. For the households of our readers in Park Extension Park the Montreal Fire Department (SIM), in order to raise public awareness of the risks posed by fires, reminds you that this is a good time to check the operation and compliance of smoke alarms in dwellings.

“The smoke alarm is the most effective and least expensive means of preventing serious consequences, preserving our safety, that of our loved ones and that of others. This is why we invite people to take advantage of the time change to ensure that it works properly,” said Alain Vaillancourt, responsible for public security on the executive committee of the City of Montreal. Every year, the SIM deplores the loss of life or significant damage to buildings during fires where smoke alarms were missing or non-functional.

● in 2021, there were 947 fires in residential buildings;

● 2 out of 3 fires involved cooking fires as well as smokers’ articles and open flames;

● 1 alarm out of 5 is either absent or non-functional in dwellings on the territory of the Montréal agglomeration.

To this end, the SIM deplores a death that occurred earlier this month during a fire. When they arrived on the scene, the SIM firefighters noticed the absence of the ringtone from a smoke alarm. We should also mention that deaths are often attributable to smoking articles or open flames, including candles.

Make sure you are not part of these statistics and stay vigilant at all times! The SIM reminds us that having a compliant and functional smoke alarm is like having a firefighter on site, who monitors the presence of smoke and warns you in case of danger. Checking or installing a new smoke alarm is an important step that ensures safety and can make all the difference.


Municipal regulations oblige Montrealers to equip their residences with compliant and functional smoke alarms at all times. All dwellings must be equipped with at least one smoke alarm per floor, including the basement. The SIM strongly recommends the installation of smoke alarms in bedrooms.

Every owner is responsible for supplying smoke alarms and installing them in the places required according to the By-law. The responsibility for maintaining and maintaining in good condition the alarms installed inside dwellings and in private residences lies with the occupants of the premises.

In addition, all residential buildings built before 1985 that do not have an electric alarm must be equipped with smoke alarms with a 10-year non-removable long-life lithium battery. Buildings built after 1985 must be equipped with smoke alarms connected to an electrical system. In this context, it is essential to check the proper functioning of all the smoke alarms present in the dwellings.