Health Canada Concerned Over Hand Sanitizers

Ottawa, Ont. – CNW

The dawn of Covid-19 brought a massive demand for products that were used minimally the world over months before the virus’s appearance—specifically medical masks and other face-coverings and of course hand sanitizers.

At first, most markets had these specific items in short supply, customers fighting over the last items in stock, but by now, many companies have gotten into the production of said items and now these products are in high demand indeed. Most are quite expensive, but stores are all pretty much well-stocked this late in the game.

But do they work, and what more, are they safe?

According to recent reports by Health Canada, many hand sanitizer brands that have within them the chemical technical-grade ethanol, are actually quite dangerous to use and may lead to serious health risks. Health Canada released a list of 3 hand-sanitizers specifically: BioOrigin Pure Hands Antibacterial Hand Gel (Mineral Origin Inc.), BioOrigin Pure Hands Purifying Hand Cleansing Gel (Mineral Origin Inc.) and finally Opti-Max Opti-Pure (Les Produits Optimax Inc.). If you’ve used these products and have questions or concerns, check out the link for recalls and safety alerts at The Government of Canada’s website: