Accueil Education Laurier Macdonald students excel in hairdressing competition

Laurier Macdonald students excel in hairdressing competition

Martin C. Barry
The Laurier Macdonald Career Centre hosted the Regional Hairdressing Olympics 2020 on Feb. 4 at the centre.

Tuesday February 4 was a big day at the Laurier Macdonald Career Centre for students enrolled in the LMCC beauty department’s hairdressing specialty program.
The Regional Hairdressing Olympics 2020, hosted by the Career Centre, drew professional hairstylists and aesthetic salon owners from all over the Montreal region as judges and observers.

Hairstyling excellence

Held at the Jean Talon St. East facility in conjunction with four Montreal region school commissions, including the English Montreal School Board, the competition saw some of the city’s top hairdressing students vie for recognition as creative hairstyists.
“All our candidates have met certain criteria that we asked them for to participate,” said Antonella Anania, a hairdressing teacher at the career centre for the past 10 years. Three winners were chosen at the end of the day, with the first prize winner having the privilege to travel to Quebec City to participate in a provincial hairdressing competition.

Learn beauty skills

The Laurier Macdonald Career Centre’s beauty skills program also teaches students other aspects of aesthetics, including professional nail care skills. The beauty skills program guides students as they develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to use hygiene, health and safety rules and measures linked to the use of caustic and corrosive products, as they analyze the scalp and the hair.
They also counsel the customer in a style that goes well with their personality, to know techniques involved in hair coloration, while being able to accomplish tasks such as cutting, setting and styling hair, and accomplishing complimentary tasks such as trimming and shaving of beards, sideburns and moustaches.

New electric car program

As well, the centre has departments for auto mechanics, where a new program to teach the technology behind electrified vehicles will be getting underway in May. And the Laurier Macdonald Career Centre also offers a program in professional welding.
“Today a lot of companies are looking for welders – even some who are going to do the work underwater,” Mrs. Anania, who is also the centre’s acting vice-principal, noted regarding the increasing sophistication of professional welding work.
“This is something new that a lot of young people seeking vocations are becoming interested in,” she added. “And so this is something that our school is also beginning to offer.”

Everything automotive

The Laurier Macdonald Career Centre’s automotive program involves performing preventive and corrective mechanic work, inspecting vehicles, with the goal of identifying and finding the cause and the source of operating problems.
As well, students perform repairs, replace parts and make adjustments on different vehicle systems, while carrying out tests and procedures for installing accessories and optional equipment, all the while adhering to health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.
“Basically we cover everything from the front of the car to the back end – whatever makes the car run or not run,” said Frank Di Tirro, LMCC’s program coordinator for automotive mechanics and welding. “The students get exposed to a lot of new technology and new ideas.”

Highly devoted faculty

The Laurier MacDonald Career Centre has been establishing itself as a leader in the automotive and beauty industries for years now. The centre’s programs lead to a certification of a DVS or AVS offered by the Quebec Ministry of Education. They also have a team of experienced and devoted faculty.
LMCC understands the challenges of learning the skills required in the welding and fitting, automotive and beauty industries. Its reputation as a vocational centre of welding and fitting, auto mechanics, hairdressing and aesthetic is built on experience.
The faculty and administration’s commitment to providing relevant, cutting-edge courses and programs delivered by respected industry specialists ensures a hands-on, inspiring, accessible and supportive environment for every student.

From the left, Frank Di Tirro, LMCC’s program coordinator for automotive mechanics and welding, and Antonella Anania, a hairdressing teacher at LMCC for the past 10 years, are two of the knowledgeable and devoted teachers at the centre.

Key links to industry

LMCC also maintain close partnerships with industry demands and standards to ensure they are preparing their graduates to succeed in a highly-demanding environment. They welcome you to visit the LMCC and speak with an adviser to explore the vast opportunities the centre’s programs can offer.
The Laurier Macdonald Career Centre is located at 5025 Jean Talon St E in the Borough of Saint Léonard. Phone: (514) 374-4278. Web: