Library re-opened in Park Ex

Park Extension library was re-opened on Tuesday, November 10, starting at 10AM to allow citizens to borrow books

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many things hard. Of course that’s a terrible understatement, but I’m going somewhere here, friends, so please stay with me.

In essence, the pastimes that we all go to in our down time have suffered greatly, specifically those pastimes that we need to leave the house to be able to partake in. One that comes to mind primarily is of course physical fitness. In recent weeks, we’ve gone in detail as to how the fitness industry has been hit by the pandemic, but the public libraries too have been hit equally hard and those that have suffered most because of this are those that make reading a huge part of their lives. And not only that … as spending time at the local library is also a favored pastime of many, and in many communities all over the city—but especially those that can’t afford to purchase books.

But great news has recently been announced and put into action.

Park Ex Library has re-opened

The Park Extension library was back on Tuesday, November 10, starting at 10AM to allow citizens to borrow books. Citizens can now reserve them (online or by phone at 514 872-6071) and pick them up when they receive a confirmation. The entrance hall of the library is still under construction, as renovations still have yet to be completed.

Open yes, but still there will be reduced services in libraries

And yes, all because of the pandemic. These on the library website were updated on October 2, 2020.

“Due to the move of the Montreal Metropolitan Community to Tier 4 – Maximum Alert (red zone), Montreal libraries are offering reduced access to their services to comply with government directives aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. (As for Loans) The loan of documents is possible by reservation only. To do this, you must reserve the documents online or by telephone. When you receive an email or phone notification that the documents are ready to be picked up, you can go to your library counter.”

Other rules to remember state that there is a maximum of 15 reservations per card, the duration of loans will be 4 weeks for all types of documents; a maximum of 40 documents per card; subscriptions are possible in most libraries. The remote subscription service will be maintained as per the library website.

Online services & Returns

Digital collections and online services, such as remote subscription, remain available at all times. The return of documents is maintained. You can return your loans at the library counter or by using the outside chute. You will need to return fragile items, such as games and musical instruments, to the counter as usual.

Services not available

Of course there will be those services not available to one and all, as that is to be understood, especially with the constraints of the virus and the second wave, but as well as the ongoing renovations aforementioned above.

Access to shelving, workspaces and computer stations is no longer permitted. All animation activities on site in libraries and outside the walls are canceled. (Online activities remain).

It will not be possible to get an Accès Montréal card at the library as it stands right now and in the future if things progress as they are going right now.

Public health instructions

Within authorized areas, the physical distance of two meters should be maintained and a face covering must be worn at all times (covering the nose and mouth)—something which is not being respected on public transport, in stores and in crammed spaces these days … too many people aren’t wearing the mask on their nose and mouth, as we’ve observed.

Because of work being conducted in other libraries around the city or specific security issues that are related to the current situation at hand, some libraries are not able to provide these services in full or even partially and it has been released that certain libraries will remain closed until further notice. Additional information can be located at should you have further questions or concerns: