Mary Deros, Park Extension City Councillor, Joins Gujarati Senior Association in Celebrating International Seniors Day

    Mary Deros, Park Extension City Councilor, Joins Gujarati Senior Association in Celebrating International Seniors Day

    In a heartwarming celebration of community and diversity, Mary Deros, City Councilor for Park Extension, recently participated in the International Seniors Day festivities with the Gujarati Senior Association of Montreal. The event, which took place last Saturday, marked a special occasion to honor and appreciate the contributions of the senior members of the Gujarati community.

    Growth of the Gujarati Samaj in Park Extension:

    Mary Deros highlighted the remarkable journey of the Gujarati Samaj of Montreal, which initially began in Park Extension with just 50 members. Over the years, this vibrant community has flourished and grown into a thriving organization with hundreds of members. The success story of the Gujarati Samaj reflects the resilience and unity of the community, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of Park Extension.

    Community Unity and Cultural Diversity:

    Park Extension, known for its cultural diversity, has been a melting pot of various ethnic communities, and the growth of the Gujarati Samaj exemplifies the community’s commitment to preserving and sharing their cultural heritage. Mary Deros, as a representative of the city council, has actively supported initiatives that promote unity, understanding, and respect among the different cultural groups within the neighborhood.

    International Seniors Day Celebration:

    The International Seniors Day celebration was a testament to the importance of recognizing and honoring the elderly members of our community. Mary Deros expressed her gratitude for the invaluable contributions of seniors, stating that their wisdom and experiences are an integral part of the neighborhood’s history and identity.

    The Gujarati Samaj of Montreal Inc, established in 1976 as a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting Gujarati culture, religion, folklore, history, and philosophy in Quebec. Initially focused on the social and cultural needs of Gujarati speakers in Quebec, the organization has evolved to pass on the rich heritage to the Gujarati youth born and raised in the province.

    Embracing the diversity of the Gujarati-speaking community in Montreal, which includes individuals with roots in India, Africa, the Caribbean, and other parts of Asia, the Samaj works to foster cross-cultural appreciation and understanding. The organization collaborates with sister associations across Quebec to promote cultural understanding in Canadian society and cooperates with similar organizations across Canada. Despite its Montreal base, the Samaj’s membership includes those interested in Gujarati culture from various regions of India and Canada, fostering diversity within the group. The organization’s activities, ranging from ski trips to cultural celebrations, reflect the varied interests and backgrounds of its members, creating a vibrant blend of cultures.