Place de la Gare fire was a call to duty for civic-minded Park Exer

Hutchison St. tree bed fire probably caused by careless smoker

Place de la Gare fire was a call to duty for civic-minded Park Exer
Montreal Fire Department personnel put out this small blaze in a pile of wood chip shavings around a tree at Place de la Gare on Hutchison St. last Sunday after a civic-minded Park Extension resident took it upon herself to call 9-1-1.
Martin C. Barry

Although it may not have been a three-alarm blaze, a minor fire that broke out in a tree-bed in Place de la Gare on Hutchison Ave. last Sunday afternoon demonstrated the importance placed on civil responsibility by a longtime Park Ex resident who felt it was her duty to make an emergency services call.

While some careless residents of the Park Extension area are known to sometimes fling lit cigarette butts into flower beds strewn with wood shavings or trash cans where fires can start easily, it takes a mindful resident to call 9-1-1 for the fire department to come and deal with the situation.

“I think all of us have an obligation in our neighbourhood to make sure that it’s safe for our children and for ourselves,” said Sophia Saridakis, a lifelong Park Extension resident. “When anybody sees anything like this I think they should just react immediately.

“It turned out well now,” she added. “They took care of the situation and I’m pleased that it didn’t get out of hand and nobody got hurt.”