Police lock downed Park-Extension for attack on officer

(PXN-NEWSFIRST) In an unexpected turn of events, Park-Ex resident Mamadi III Fara Camara, the man who was suspected of disarming and hitting a police officer last week was released from all charges at the Montreal courthouse.
Wednesday afternoon at the hearing of his case, the crown announced that it had received new evidence, a video that could “have an influence” on the course of the hearing, without revealing more.
These new elements completely changed the situation, causing his immediate release from Judge Karine Giguère.
The 31-year-old was charged with attempted murder of the police officer, assault causing bodily harm, disarming the patroller and discharging a gun at him.
The incident
The incident took place on around 4PM on Thursday afternoon January 30th. The police officer -a specialist in traffic violations- stopped Camara’s car near 900 Crémazie Boulevard, in order to remit him a ticket for talking on the cellphone.
According to the first reports, the driver attacked the police officer with some type of metal object. He then disarmed him somehow, took his gun and fired as the officer was running to escape.
Montreal police had set up a command post on Saturday in the city’s Parc-Extension neighbourhood in order to gather more information about the Thursday incident that ended with the Montreal police officer in hospital.
Police combed all streets north of Saint-Roch. Many side streets such as Birnam, Bloomfield and Champagneur were closed to traffic for many hours. Police were visiting all businesses as well talking to all pedestrians, while police dogs were sniffing for clues.
Released with no charges
The man accused 31 years old Mamadi III Fara Camara, is a specialist engineer in telecommunications systems employed by Huawei Technologies from 2015 to 2017 before coming to Canada under a student Visa. In spring of 2017 he was admitted as at ‘Université Laval de Québec’ in order to obtain his doctorate.
Since January 2018, he is a researcher at the Montreal Polytecnic. He is also a UBER driver.
Since the incident, his relatives were in the most total incomprehension, not being able to believe that he could have committed such a gesture.
The news of his release and innoncence was greeted with relief by his family especially for his pregnant wife.