Protecting Tree Squares in Park-Extension: A Call for Community Action

Protecting Tree Squares in Park-Extension: A Call for Community Action

As the crisp air of autumn heralds the approach of winter, the Borough extends an invitation to its citizens to participate in safeguarding the beauty of tree squares. The VSP Eco-District program, a cornerstone of environmental initiatives, provides protection stakes to those who wish to contribute to the preservation of these green spaces.

Preserving Community Efforts

The initiative ensures the swift reinstallation of protective equipment, preserving the collective efforts invested during the warmer months to enhance the aesthetics of tree squares. This collaborative approach underscores the community’s commitment to maintaining the natural beauty that defines our neighborhoods.

Stakes for Winter Resilience

Protection stakes play a crucial role in shielding tree squares during snow removal operations. Strategically placed, these stakes serve as guardians of vegetated tree squares, preventing inadvertent damage during winter maintenance.

Installation Guidelines

Timing Matters: Install stakes in the fall before the severe cold sets in, taking advantage of the soil’s malleability.

Strategic Placement: Plant stakes on the sidewalk side to effectively signal the presence of vegetated tree squares during snow removal operations.

Removal Guidelines

Spring Unveiling: Exercise patience and wait for the ground to thaw in early spring before removing the stakes.

Where to Access Protection Stakes

For those without protective stakes but eager to contribute, the VSP Eco-District program, managed by the esteemed organization “Ville en vert,” provides a solution. Stake distribution is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the following service point in Park-Extension

419 Saint-Roch Street (Room SS-06)

Montreal, Quebec H3N 1K2

Tel: 514 447-6226, extension 303