Wearing masks will be mandatory in malls, pharmacies, and other indoor public spaces

Avleen K Mokha

The province has announced that everyone 12 or older will need to wear masks in indoor public spaces, including most businesses, across Quebec, as of Saturday July 18.

Therefore, people can be refused entry if they don’t wear masks.

This rule applies to retail shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, shopping centers, and places of worship. People also need to wear masks to board the bus or the metro.

Additionally, people are required to cover their faces in shared spaces like entrance rooms, elevators, and corridors.

“Wearing a face covering must become a social norm, a habit that allows you to go about your business while protecting others,” minister of health and social services Christian Dubé said.

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 years wear masks should wear masks. However, while the province highly recommends that children wear masks, it is not mandatory.

Crucially, wearing masks is not recommended for children who are under 2 years old.

Quebec premier Francois Legault also stressed on Monday that private gatherings, whether inside or outside, can have a maximum of ten people. People that hold larger gatherings are subject to fines.

“We are not going to put all of Quebec at risk because of a few parties,” he said.