Sarker Hope Foundation—being there for a community in need

The Sarker Hope Foundation is helping those in need, one child, one person at a time, and with dedication, care and a devotion to the community of Park Ex

Many community organizations stepped up during the recent pandemic and of course The Sarker Hope Foundation was no exception.

The Sarker Hope Foundation’s overall goal: “The Foundation’s primary goal is to create a conducive living environment for children who are orphans, abused, and from under privileged backgrounds, and to enable them to live a life with hope of a better tomorrow.”

They have more than lived up to that goal and the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

The dedicated team

According to their website, the entire team consists also of many, many volunteers, but the main team consists specifically of: Mustaque A. Sarker, an individual with 20 years of experience in business consulting; Zamal Naser, with 15 years of experience in supply chain and event management; Kazi Omar Faruk, an individual with 10 years experience in transport and emergency response; Mohammed Yousuf, an individual with experience in electronic media—10 years overall; Vanessa Miel, who has five years of client support experience; Md Asad Rahman, who has 10 years of experience in the International Development Sector, and the list certainly goes on, experience shining through as they work to help the community. But it is beyond the experience that the community looks … they look to the dedication that the workers and volunteers show as they dole out help in times of need and to those that need it most.

Putting action to their words

They are indeed a community organization that has stepped up in terms of doling out support. Their website specifically states that the help and support they offer is reserved solely for Park Extension residents. They have accomplished many endeavors, helping those aforementioned community members in trying times and have stepped up even now during the world’s most recent pandemic. Statements made by the Foundation on the pandemic are as follows: “(Covid-19) has disrupted our lives in many ways and Sarker Hope Foundation recognizes that this is a stressful period for everyone … as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread and still many people are forced to stay home, workers are losing their jobs, health care systems are being stressed, local businesses are at risk of closing permanently … amid these uncertain and challenging times, SHF respond in the short term to keep Park Extension residents safe … Sarker Hope Foundation’s continuing humanitarian response program to keep residents and communities become more resilient to health safety and other shocks at Park Extension …”

The last two statements specifically showing their dedication to the community of Park Ex.

Help offered to those in need

Their services pretty much run the gamut, their reach and help gets to many, as their website states …

For children (5 – 12 years), their services include:a Virtual Magic show, a Competition (Art/Creativity/Knowledge/Quiz). For those (13 – 18 years):Virtual Music event, Competition (Ambition/Innovation/Knowledge/Quiz), Awareness session on COVID-19. And for adults ( 18 + years), they offer:Psychology therapy / Counseling, Transport and home delivery, Helpline / Online Live chat (COVID-19 test, Food Bank, Service near you etc.), Virtual Awareness events (Spreading and preventing transmitted virus, Job search, Finance, Immigration and Refugee), Income Tax filling, Federal and Provincial Government COVID-19 benefit form filled-up and Facemask distribution.

And so many of these services are necessary at all times, let alone during a pandemic of epic proportions.


Like any organization that is there for its community, they ask for volunteers at their website. And we’ve made so much reference to their website, as we researched it extensively for this piece, go ahead and check it out for yourselves, dear readers here:

Maybe if you have some free time you can go and lend a hand; we’re sure the foundation would appreciate it, as would the community members of Park Extension in need. And if you are a member of this proud community that needs help, the Sarker Hope Foundation is there for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.