SIXTRUM in Park-Extension

SIXTRUM in Park-Extension

A percussive experience for young Park-Exers is promised by SIXTRUM which is a percussion ensemble leading very young spectators in the exploration of its Archipelago of a thousand sounds.

Le Vivier the Archipelago of a thousand sounds comes to the Parc-Extension broadcast room, 421 St. Roch Street on February 12th, 2023 from 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Three percussionists that make up the SIXTRUM percussion ensemble, stop on each of these imaginary islands to discover music that is alternately intimate and exuberant, sailing from one to the other on musical themes inspired by water and wind. Each stopover allows you to explore unique musical timbres and musical creations, in a staging that uses object theater and Chinese shadows.

Poetic, inventive and festive, this show specially designed for the little ones is a wide open door to the incredible richness of contemporary percussion, and an invitation to travel in the musical imagination of SIXTRUM.

Since 2007, SIXTRUM has been relentlessly exploring the world of contemporary percussion. With dozens of collaborations with Canadian and foreign composers, international tours, hundreds of youth concerts, thousands of hours of rehearsals, and millions of relentless hits, Sixtrum has forged a signature in Montreal and on the international scene. This signature is due both to its specificity – contemporary percussion – and to its creative approach to concert music, which has the constant concern to renew its artistic universe by confronting other genres, other forms of entertainment.

Performers of existing works, but also composers and creators of original works, Sixtrum has 25 Canadian premieres to its credit, presented 40 world premieres and 15 Canadian premieres.