Some Park-Exers gear up for showdown over bicycle path construction

    Some Park-Exers gear up for showdown over bicycle path construction

    The controversy surrounding the removal of 250 parking spaces in Park Extension to make way for new bicycle paths has gripped the community’s attention for quite some time. While the borough’s mayor has vowed to push forward with the project, a portion of Park Extension’s residents remains steadfast in their opposition, bombarding Borough Councillor Miss Mary Deros with complaints and questions. In an exclusive interview with Park Extension News, Mrs. Deros shared her insights on this contentious issue.

    The residents of Park Extension have been vocal about their concerns, arguing that they were never consulted about the introduction of these bike paths. The borough, known for its dense population, faces challenges ahead, particularly concerning its senior citizens and educators. The loss of parking spaces could exacerbate the difficulties faced by these groups.

    Mrs. Deros acknowledges the frustration of the citizens, stating, “When the elected mayor and her party do not listen to her citizens, then it is completely normal for them to come to me with all their concerns.” However, she emphasizes that her ability to influence the decision is limited.

    Planned Protest

    In response to the impending construction of the bicycle paths, a planned demonstration is set to take place on the day the work begins. Many residents intend to stage a sit-in, obstructing the city’s heavy machinery from progressing with the project. The mayor has issued a warning that police intervention may be necessary, and arrests could follow.

    Mrs. Deros views this protest as an expression of the citizens’ frustration, stating, “A lot of exasperated citizens believe that this is the only final way their voices will be heard.” The sit-in is a testament to the passionate resistance by a portion of the Park-Ex population against the loss of parking spaces and the perceived lack of consultation with the community.