The City of Montreal begins its major spring cleaning

The City of Montreal begins its major spring cleaning

The City of Montreal is launching its major spring cleaning operation, which will last approximately six weeks and which will restore the city’s luster, in particular by eliminating the abrasives used during the winter. The City is reminding residents of Park-Extension and indeed all Montrealers that this operation coincides with the return of parking bans, which come into effect on April 1.

“The fine weather that is returning encourages us to return to our public spaces, which are also the pride of Montrealers. In an effort to provide clean, friendly and pleasant spaces, the City is launching its major spring cleaning. This major annual operation requires the participation of some 1,000 blue-collar workers and a great deal of equipment. To make the most of our public spaces and keep them in good condition, we also invite the public to do their part. We must all show good citizenship and eco-responsibility by throwing our waste in the trash and cleaning the outside of our place of residence. These small gestures can make a big difference for the quality of our living environments and for the environment,” said the head of consultation with the boroughs and water within the executive committee, Maja Vodanovic.

Over the next few weeks, the City will clean 4,100 km of streets, 6,500 km of sidewalks, nearly 900 km of bike paths and some 1,500 parks. The parking bans, which begin around April 1, depending on the borough, thus come into force.

The cleaning of streets and sidewalks is carried out as follows:

Cleaning of roads and sidewalks with water jets (watering can trucks and snowcats).

Passage of mechanical brooms to collect waste.

Passage of the “cyclo-vac” (small suction equipment) to suck up small waste.

Deployment of brigadiers for the collection of inaccessible waste.

The cleanliness brigade, present in the 19 boroughs, will be added to the regular teams to clean very busy areas.

Everyone can do their part according to the city by respecting the ban on parking during cleaning operations, by doing  a cleaning chore, by respecting collection times and by reporting graffiti, lack of cleanliness or damaged street furniture using the Montréal Citizen Service app.