Traffic calming in Park-Ex

Traffic calming in Park-Ex

VSL is announcing the further steps of its traffic calming plan which plans to enhance the tranquility and quality of life in the neighbourhoods, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists, reducing the amount of through traffic in residential streets, and implementing measures to limit vehicle speeds.

There is a participatory approach which indicates that the borough’s teams are seeking input from the residents and other stakeholders in the area. They want to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by the community concerning traffic and circulation. This participatory approach ensures that the plan takes into account the perspectives and concerns of the people who will be directly affected by the implemented measures.

Parc-Extension (Zones 1-2-3)

A citizen consultation was conducted in the spring of 2022 to gather the community’s opinion on proposed traffic calming measures for the neighborhood. With the feedback received, an enhanced and final version of the Traffic Calming Plan for Parc-Extension is now available.

This plan includes a series of measures aimed at increasing safety during transportation and promoting tranquility in the neighborhood’s streets. Among these measures, it is planned to modify traffic directions, improve school markings, add traffic lights, construct more sidewalk bulges, and install speed bumps.

In the short term, by the fall, the following new features will be implemented in the area:

  • Construction of 24 speed bumps (Starting in mid-September 2022)
  • School zone markings (Starting at the end of August 2022)
    • Saint-Pierre Apôtre School
    • Sinclair Laird School
    • Barclay School
    • Camille-Laurin School
    • Camille Laurin Annex School
    • Barthélemy-Vimont School
    • Barthélemy-Vimont Annex School
    • Lucien Pagé School
  • Narrowing markings on Querbes Street, between Beaumont and Ogilvy Avenues
  • A new speed limit of 40 km/h on Jarry Street, between Acadie and Saint-Laurent Boulevards (Starting on September 29, 2022)and a school zone speed limit of 30 km/h on Jarry Street, between Wiseman and De L’Épée Avenues (Starting on September 29, 2022)
  • Street direction reversals (2023)
  • Construction of sidewalk bulges and speed bumps on the arterial network (2023-2024)
  • Modifications and additions of traffic lights (2023-2024)

Prior to this, the borough’s teams studied the targeted area to understand the mobility needs and challenges. Additionally, local schools, the Montreal Fire Department, the Montreal Police Service, and community organizations were consulted to share their knowledge and vision for the implementation of the Parc-Extension Traffic Calming Plan.

Parc-Extension and Villeray (Zones 4-5-6-7-8-9)

A participatory process is currently underway until June 9, 2023, focusing on the central area of the borough, which includes the Villeray neighborhood and a small portion of Parc-Extension (Zone 4). Concerned residents are invited to participate in this process and share their ideas and impressions regarding mobility and road safety in their neighborhood.

Zone 4 is bordered by Durocher Street, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Crémazie Boulevard, and Jarry Street West. Following this, a traffic analysis will be conducted. The results of the participatory process and traffic analysis will enable the city’s team to design the future traffic calming plan for the central area. A presentation of the traffic calming plan is scheduled for the fall of 2023.