Traffic calming plan in Parc-Extension now finalized

    Following the consultation citizen initiative carried out last spring, the Borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension presented the final version of the traffic calming plan in Parc-Extension on August 31, 2022.

    This plan includes a series of measures whose objective is to increase traffic safety and tranquility in the streets of the district. Among these measures that will be put in place over the next few weeks and years, the city plans in particular to change the direction of traffic, improve school markings, add traffic lights, build more sidewalk projections as well as the addition of speed bumps.

    In the short term, i.e. during the fall, the following new features will be deployed on the territory:

    Firstly the construction of 24 speed bumps (From mid-September).

    The marking of school zones (From the end of August) in École Saint-Pierre Apôtre, Sinclair Laird, School Barclay, Camille-Laurin, Camille Laurin School Annex, Barthélemy-Vimont, Barthélemy-Vimont School Annex and at Lucien Pagé School

    There will also be narrowing marking on rue Querbes, between avenues Beaumont and Ogilvy as well as a new speed limit of 40 km/h on rue Jarry, between de l’Acadie and Saint-Laurent boulevards (As of September 29)

    A new school zone limit 30 km/h on rue Jarry, between avenues Wiseman and De L’Épée (As of September 29)

    The other measures are currently being planned and details designed, and they will be added gradually over the next few years:

    Reversal of traffic directions (2023)

    Construction of overhangs and speed bumps on the arterial network (2023-2024)

    Modifications and additions of traffic lights (2023-2024)

     Last March and April, the Borough wanted to obtain residents’ impressions of the proposed measures before designing a final version of the Plan. Actions have been modified and others added based on comments received to reflect the wishes and reality of the Parc-Extension community.

    Beforehand, the Borough’s teams studied the territory concerned to understand the needs and issues encountered there in terms of mobility. Also, neighborhood schools, the Montreal Fire Department, the City of Montreal Police Department and local organizations were asked to share their knowledge and their vision for the realization of the traffic appeasement plan of Parc-Extension. Traffic studies and consultation of the resident population are planned soon for the other sectors of the borough.

    The objectives of the traffic calming plan are to promote tranquility and quality of life in neighborhoods, improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, reduce transit traffic on residential streets and limit the speed of motorists