Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension Council Awards $8,300 to Boost Community Projects

Cuisines et Vie Collectives Saint-Roch Fosters Community Support and Food Security through Collective Kitchens, Workshops, Classes, Food Distribution, Training, and Social Activities.

The borough council of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, in its session on December 6th, approved the allocation of $8,300 in financial assistance to 14 local organizations. This decision, drawing from the council’s discretionary budget for the 2024 financial year, underscores the council’s commitment to supporting diverse community-driven activities within the borough.

The distribution of funds is targeted at a range of organizations, each contributing uniquely to the community’s vibrancy and well-being. The Carrefour jeunesse emploi Mtl Centre-Nord, known for its efforts in youth employment and career guidance, has been granted $1,500, reflecting the council’s emphasis on youth career development.

Further contributions include $250 each to the Centre d’orientation et de prévention d’alcoolisme et de toxicomanie pour les Latino-américains (COPATLA) and the Corporation d’Éducation Jeunesse. These organizations play crucial roles in addressing substance abuse issues and educational support, respectively. The Comité Civil Escadron 96 Alouettes, receiving $700, is recognized for its involvement in civil and community services.

The council also allocated $200 to Mon Resto Saint-Michel (for Action Saint-Michel Est), an initiative that contributes significantly to local food security and community well-being. Similarly, the Regroupement Jeunesse en Action and Saint-Michel Vie Sans Frontières, each receiving $250 and $700 respectively, are acknowledged for their active roles in youth engagement and community development.

The arts and culture sector is also a beneficiary of this funding, with the Théâtre du Renard receiving $250, and the Héritage Hispanique du Québec being granted a total of $1,100, divided between two of its editions – $300 for the 1st edition of l’Artiste junior and $800 for the 2nd edition of Femme Hispanique. These funds will support cultural activities that enrich the local community’s artistic landscape.

Villeray dans l’Est, an organization pivotal in community engagement in the eastern part of the borough, is set to receive $1,500. This substantial support highlights the council’s commitment to fostering vibrant community life across all areas of the borough.

Additionally, the Regroupement des magasins-partage de l’île de Montréal and Cuisines et vie collectives Saint-Roch, each receiving $500, play essential roles in addressing food insecurity and promoting community kitchens, respectively. Small but impactful grants of $300 each were allocated to Groupe des Bénévoles 1re et 2e Avenue and Entreprise Severine, recognizing their contributions to community volunteering and local enterprise development.