VSP Volunteer Recognition Award Winners

    Sandra Ponente, winner of the Parc-Extension district

    Sandra Ponente wins for Park-Extension

    The borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extensionis announced its five winners of the Volunteer Recognition Awards for the current year.

    To mark their accomplishments, the five award-winning volunteers received an original work created by glassblower artist Bruno Andrus. Since 2013, elected officials have selected four winners – one per electoral district – in the category Volunteer of the year and a winner Volunteer of the year – Young generation 13-17 years old.

    The winner in Park-Extension was Sandra Ponente

    The Park-Ex winner

    Ms. Ponente is a dedicated volunteer who has been giving her time and energy to the Center communautaire Jeunesse Unie de Parc-Extension for over a decade. Her commitment to the community has been unwavering and she has made a significant impact on the lives of many young people in the neighborhood. Ms. Ponente began her volunteer work as a homework help guide for young people in the area. During this time, she demonstrated her ability to connect with young people and help them succeed academically. Her positive attitude and ability to listen and encourage made her an excellent mentor and role model for the youth in the community.

    Since 2012, Ms. Ponente has been involved at the board level, where she has contributed to the development of the center’s programs and services. Her experience as a volunteer has given her valuable insight into the needs of the community, and she has been instrumental in helping the center meet those needs. As a member of the neighborhood table, Ms. Ponente has also made significant contributions to the development of the neighborhood’s social fabric. Her positive and inclusive approach has helped to build stronger relationships between community members and has fostered a sense of belonging and pride in the neighborhood.

    Symbolism of the trophy

    Through its shape, color and material, this work exudes several meanings, all of which represent volunteerism. The yellow flame evokes the warmth and passion that drives, over the years, VSP’s great volunteers, and which warms the community. The touch of red symbolizes love and sharing. One  can also see hands joining, by two sections of glass that intertwine, symbolizing the exchange and the gift of self, that is to say the daily life of the VSP dedicated volunteers. Finally, glass is a noble and rich material, just like the volunteers who work to serve their fellow citizens.