$3 million in projects for youth in VSP

$3 million in projects for youth in VSP

As part of the call for projects “Prévention Montréal,” the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension presented the selected projects from its organizations, totaling nearly $3 million.

The projects, targeting children and young people under 30 years old and their parents living in vulnerable situations or at risk of exclusion, align with several objectives of the borough’s Youth Crime Prevention Strategy, as well as several recommendations from the Local Assessment on the Safety of Girls, Women, and Seniors in VSP.

Created by the City of Montreal, the “Prévention Montréal” program aims to engage in a transformative action to improve the quality of life and security of children, young people under 30, and their families.

These are the organizations and funds allocated in Park-Extension:

Girls and Youth: Health – Safety – Future ($10,866) – Parc-Extension Youth United Community Center

(Filles et jeunes : Santé – Sécurité – Avenir)

A place of belonging and intervention for teenage girls, supporting a dedicated program with a perspective that is by and for them, promoting their well-being, personal growth, and social integration.

Youth United: Safety – Health – Diversity – Non-Violence ($130,266) – Parc-Extension Youth United Community Center (Jeunesse UNIE : Sécurité – Santé – Diversité – Sans Violence)

Activities, a living environment, support, and psychosocial intervention for adolescents, promoting the development of non-violent behaviors, leadership, perseverance, and self-expression.

Leaders of Tomorrow (Leaders de demain) ($125,464) – Parc Recreation Management Corporation

Sports activity program with personalized support and thematic workshops for targeted adolescents presenting high-risk factors, with the aim of reducing these risk factors and increasing protective factors.

Midnight Sports (Les sports de minuit) ($161,382) – Parc Recreation Management Corporation

Evening sports activities for young people aged 16 to 30, with specialized facilitators and intervenors, aiming to engage with at-risk youth and influence protective factors. Leads to a decrease in loitering, consumption, and incivilities.

X-Art Satellite ($76,000) – Parc-Extension Youth Organization Inc.

Preventive training and awareness activities promoting the development and enhancement of social, emotional, artistic, and professional skills for youth at risk of committing or experiencing delinquency.