Discover Valuable Canine Insights: Free Workshop by Expert Behaviorists

Discover Valuable Canine Insights: Free Workshop by Expert Behaviorists

At Jarry Park

For dog owners looking to enhance their bond with their furry companions, there’s an enlightening event worth marking on their calendars. On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM, an exceptional opportunity awaits the residents of Park-Extension. Hosted within the vicinity of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, this event is scheduled to take place at the renowned Jarry Park Dog Park, located at 205 Gary-Carter Street in Montreal, Quebec.

The most appealing aspect of this event is its free admission. No tickets are necessary; attendees need only bring their enthusiasm for gaining a deeper understanding of their four-legged friends. Whether one is a new puppy parent or an experienced dog handler, this workshop is finely tuned to provide valuable insights. Guided by seasoned experts in canine behavior, this interactive session will delve into a range of pivotal subjects.

The workshop places its main focus on empowering dog owners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, participants will delve into various topics. These include mastering the dynamics within dog parks, seamlessly integrating a new puppy into the household, deciphering the intricate language of canines, ensuring bite prevention, managing interactions between dogs, and fostering a healthy play environment.

What truly distinguishes this event is its holistic approach. Attendees will not only gain theoretical insights but will also have the opportunity to apply these concepts in real-time. With numerous dog parks scattered throughout the city serving as the backdrop, the workshop is intentionally designed to cater to various learning styles.

Whether the goal is to address specific behavioral concerns or to simply strengthen the bond shared with a pet, this workshop offers illuminating guidance. All are encouraged to join and take a step closer to cultivating a harmonious life with their canine companions.