Applying For a Passport In Today’s State of Pandemic

    For those planning on travelling soon, the government of Canada has slowly started resuming work in the issuing of passports as well. If this is you, then you can apply for a passport by mail, it seems.

    If the need for a passport is indeed urgent and if travel plans are planned for less than thirty days from now, then in-person rendezvous are actually possible.

    If traveling isn’t exactly in the cards for you right now, the government urges one and all to hold off on applying for said passport. This makes total sense, seeing that there will be less employees working to process all orders out of safety during Covid-19.

    If there are any worries about passport renewal, the government also stated that citizens will be given more time to renew—as stated: “ … now use the simplified renewal process within two years after the expiry date rather than one, if their passport expired on or after February 1, 2019. This means they have more time to renew if they aren’t travelling soon …”

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