Evacuation on Querbes Street: Safety Measures Following a Dangerous Building Incident

    Evacuation on Querbes Street: Safety Measures Following a Dangerous Building Incident


    Residents of a multiplex on Querbes Street, nestled between St-Rock and Ogilvy on the east side, have been evacuated following a concerning incident involving loose bricks falling from the building onto the street. Councilor for Park-Extension, Mary Deros, has brought attention to this alarming situation.

    The incident was reported earlier when loose bricks tumbling from the upper sections of the building were noticed. The Montreal authorities acted promptly, evacuating residents as a precautionary measure. The city’s building inspection department is currently assessing the structure’s integrity to determine the necessary repairs.

    This incident strikes a particularly sensitive chord with the local community, as it mirrors a tragic event that occurred not long ago at the corner of Champagneur and St-Rock. In that incident, falling debris from a similar building led to the death of a father, leaving behind a grieving family. The family, recent immigrants to Canada, now faces the unimaginable challenge of rebuilding their lives in the absence of their loved one.

    For the evacuated residents, the situation is a significant disruption. Many have expressed concerns about the duration of the displacement and the impact on their daily lives. However, there is a general consensus on the necessity of these safety measures.

    The Querbes Street incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of building maintenance and safety regulations. While the current focus remains on the evacuated residents and the structural assessment of the building, the broader conversation about urban safety continues.