Park Extension Street Direction Changes: Addressing Traffic Congestion and Residential Concerns

Park Extension Street Direction Changes: Addressing Traffic Congestion and Residential Concerns

In an effort to manage traffic congestion and enhance road safety, the borough administration has implemented significant directional changes on several streets in the Park Extension area.

Bloomfield Street: A Shift in Direction

Bloomfield Street, operated as a one-way street heading south. This route became a popular shortcut for drivers attempting to avoid traffic jams on the Metropolitan and Crémazie service road. By taking Bloomfield south to Jarry and then turning left to head east, commuters found a way to bypass the congestion. However, this led to an increase in traffic and speeding concerns among residents living closer to Jarry.

Community Reaction and the borough administration ‘s Decision

In response to the residents’ complaints, the borough administration decided to change the direction of Bloomfield from Liege to Crémazie to northbound. This change aimed to prevent Bloomfield from being used as an escape route from traffic jams. Despite a petition signed by 20 residents of Bloomfield between Liege and Crémazie in 2019, expressing their opposition to the change due to potential inconveniences, the borough administration proceeded with the modification.

Impact on Local Residents

Residents living on the affected section of Bloomfield now face the challenge of navigating through the congested small passage from Bloomfield to Querbes, particularly during peak hours. This change has imposed a significant burden on the daily activities of Park Extension residents, as it aims to discourage through traffic from non-residents.

Jarry Street Alteration

In another part of Park Extension, the borough administration addressed a different traffic issue on Jarry Street. Drivers, upon encountering a red light at L’Acadie, often sped towards Birnam, heading north. To counteract this, the borough reversed the traffic direction on Birnam between Liege and Jarry to southbound, aiming to deter such behavior and enhance road safety.

Balancing Traffic Flow and Residential Well-being

The directional changes on Bloomfield and Jarry streets reflect the borough ‘s effort to manage traffic flow and improve safety. However, these changes also highlight the challenges of balancing the needs of commuters with the quality of life of local residents.